Diving into the Root of Pain…

You may be stressed thinking that your injuries are never going to get any better. Have you tried many things out of desperation to try to find relief that have helped to some degree but have not actually solved the problem?

Do you want to have an active life again but don't know how your pain could possible be different?

Are there things that you have issues doing now that you want to do again with ease like dancing, hiking, lifting your children or working in the garden? Do you not sleep well at night because you are in pain and then you are tired the next day?

Have you been really busy and truly not made the time for your own healthcare?

I bet your frustrated now. You have done the best things you could think of at the time and now you realize you need to do something else.

Do you have old lingering injuries that were not fully resolved or possibly even re-injuried that still give you issues?

I get it.

It is really hard for someone to understand what it is like to live in chronic pain unless you have experienced it and moved through it.

I have found that everyone is a collection of the traumas that has led them to this present moment. Annoying symptoms are the body's way of showing that there are underlying issues to be resolved.

Health is about creating balance in the whole body, rather than focusing on individual troubling symptoms. The result is that your body pains diminish, you have more energy and have more joy in your life.

Elizabeth Lakin CCHH, CCSP, NTS assists you in moving to a new diminsion of what health can be for you. Her office is in Sebastopol, California. Much of her work can be done via long distance.

She is a Certified Classical Hahnemannian Homeopath and a Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner. She has an innate passion for igniting hope into your healing journey back to health.


"My experience working with Elizabeth has been invaluable. She is attentive, sympathetic, and highly skilled at correcting my multiple brain injuries. It has been a process for me to find someone who thoroughly understood brain injuries and how to heal them prior to meeting Elizabeth. I am grateful to her because she listens to my needs and figures what is causing the symptoms I express and corrects it. I am happy with my improvements."
N.S. Los Angeles, CA