Why Do We Treat The Whole Person?

Homeopathy works with the whole person – mentally, emotionally, and physically.  The physical complaints are usually why a person is seeking help but these isolated symptoms are just a piece of the picture.

There is the whole story of how a person got to their current state of health. What are the contributing factors leading them to their suffering?  This story is unique and precious to the homeopath because it helps us find the correct remedy.  Even if there are five people suffering with the same condition, each person got there in a different way, a complex story that is all their own.

What is rare about homeopathy is that it focuses on the whole person rather than a single complaint or only a few symptoms.  Imagine yourself like a lovely painting with all the details and beauty that makes you, you.  This is your totality and it is crucial to treat the whole picture not just one or two symptoms that trouble you.  There are wonderful characteristics about yourself, other things that trouble you or you wish you could change.

Our focus in homeopathy is the totality of all the symptoms and what makes them unique to your suffering or your life situation.  Weaved into treating the whole person is our family inheritance, our weakness that come from our family history.  There is also the different traumas or incidents that are still affecting you in the present moment that could of happened five to twenty years ago.

Homeopathy is truly a wholistic medicine, treating the whole being.  The true goal of homeopathy is to figure out what is holding the person back from their deepest purpose and their truest fulfillment and happiness in life.

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