How Deeply Can You Love Yourself…

I ask you to look deep inside yourself.

How deeply can you love yourself? As the month of Love approaches us, make a shift and shower yourself with the needed attention and care your health deserves.

Give the gift of deeply loving yourself.

Four 90 minute sessions for $475 ($125 savings) or eight 90 minute sessions for $900 ($300 savings).

How Long Does it Take?

People often ask me this question. When we have neglected ourselves as our most important priority things get thrown off. Aches and pains become a regular part of daily life that we just adjust and live with. That is why I encourage doing a series of sessions to find your place back into balance. Let’s find out what your most nagging issues are and help you make sustainable shifts in your life that work for your progress back home to yourself.

Looking inside deeply…

The pace of life is too fast. The list of things to do is endless. When we get quiet enough to hear our intuition, we can realize where we need help in our lives. Many times it is much easier to have a supportive practitioner along for your journey, so you can get in touch with yourself again.

Why now…

If not for the first step of the journey, where else is there to begin. One of my teachers used to say, “if you don’t take care of yourself who will?” We are all imperfect in our own ways. The tides of stress, worry and daily life wears on our being. The point is to start where ever you are in this moment. To look deep in yourself and ask, “what do I need help with?” Not looking with shame, resentment or anger, but to look inside with deep compassion, love and understanding. There is where you open your heart to yourself and learn where you are ready to take your next steps forward.




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