Flu season – are you susceptible?

Why is it that some people fall ill in flu season and some don’t? Is it more than just luck?  Some people fall ill in epidemics and others don’t like with mononucleosis, swine flu or malaria.

The answer to this puzzling question is our susceptibility, our ability to react to outside stimulus.  How strong is our life force or energy?  How do we close the gap so that we are not as susceptible to anything that is blowing through our town?

This is one of the lovely focuses of homeopathy – to close down the window of susceptibility and strengthen the energy and life force of the patient.  When this susceptibility is closed, one is not susceptible to things that are a theme in their lives beyond just the mere cold.  Each of us has something that keeps running through our lives like fear, anger, grief or heart-ache.

When working with a classical homeopath, a patient gets a remedy that covers every aspect of themselves, which is brilliance for strengthening the entire person.   The goal is that susceptiblities are closed and health is achieved.

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