Transitioning Cats off Dry Food to Raw Meat Diet…

Have you ever read the ingredients on your cat food? Even the best organic cat food has an enormously long list of things. When I think of cats in the wild, I reflect that they are not eating dry kibble food from a bag or a box.

My journey to transitioning my two beautiful Russian Blue cats to a raw food diet has been a long journey. I adopted these cats from a friend and she was feeding them Costco dry food. So perhaps, that is like the worst dry food one can get on the market. I slowly transitioned them to organic kibble.

It wasn’t until my neighbor’s cat, Belle, kept breaking into my magnet cat door that needed a collar to get in. Belle was breaking in to steal my cats dry kibble food. Belle is on a raw food diet for some time. But she was mysteriously addicted to breaking in and stealing my cats food.

The lady at the pet food store said the best dry food even organic is not as good as the worst canned food. Cats are not suppose to eat dry cat food. It causes all kinds of health issues for them like urinary tract problems, obesity….

But the way to successful transition a cat takes time. First you never want to mix dry food with the raw food. As each of these foods has a different digestion rate and it can make your cat bloated trying to mix them. So, the first thing is to introduce canned cat food, preferable organic as all cat food on the market has GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods) if not organic. Mix the dry cat food with the canned cat food. Then slowly start using more wet cat food than dry cat food. It’s a process so don’t rush it. As you don’t want to shock your cats digestive system.

When you completely wean them off of the addictive dry cat food. Then you mix a little of the raw cat food with the canned food. I have been using the Primal brand but I know there are many brands on the market. Slowly, slowly you increase the amount of raw food and lessen the amount of canned food. Take your time as it can take a while to really get them used to it.

Then you eventually, remove all the canned food and only use the raw food. I have used a few things in the process to help with the transition like nutritional yeast which the cats love sprinkled on top of the food. My cats were like where is my dry food and what is this junk. They were quite angry at me and sorta refused to eat the canned food with raw food at first when we made that leap. Nutritional yeast saved me from wasting lots of food. My cats would eat the wet food/raw food mix with nutritional yeast generously on the food. Then I slowly didn’t use the nutritional yeast or only use it sometimes.

What are the benefits?

My cats dropped some chubby weight. Their fur switched to being even softer. They also are not suffering with fleas which has been a really big challenge for these cats. And they are catching more gophers as they have a taste for raw meat now. I highly recommend the transition and encourage you to take your time with it.  I highly advice doing each step slowly  for best results. Let your cats lead you…


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  1. Gina says:

    Thanks for the good advice – will be transitioning

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