Embracing the Shadow…

What is the shadow anyway? All this talk about it and really it should be something we learn in kindergarden but we don’t.

In homeopathic school, we had this exercise to write all our flaws down. We needed to know what was our personally stuff. This way we didn’t mix it up with something a client brought in the room.

But we never talked about embracing the pieces of our shadow. It is so new-age to not want to look at any parts of ourselves that are not amazing. I have learned more about my positive aspects by appreciating and honoring my shadow pieces. Knowing the pieces – the anger, jealousy, impatience, physical pain, fear…

For me, when I learned to acknowledge and honor these pieces instead of trying to shove them under the carpet it shifted something.  To know when to pull one of these cards out and use them in an appropriate way is powerful.

What we need is more love not less. More honor, more respect, more time to cultivate a deep knowing in ourselves.



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