Muscle Tears and Chronic Pain…

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working on a young lady that had an old backpacking injury. She came in because she was ill for a week and was now experiencing pain shooting into her legs that she thought was nerve pain. I had a feeling that it was probably a muscle tear. So, I had her feel the muscles with me to show her the dent in her muscle where the old tear was causing her pain. Old muscle tears are easy to feel with a trained hand once you know what you are searching for.

How can you tell a fresh tear from an old tear? Old muscle tears have a ridge of scar tissue that you won’t feel on a fresh tear. Sadly, it could take 6-8 months to heal a muscle tear. Adding some kinesiotape on the area where the tear is acts like a muscle instead of the muscle. This way the torn muscle can rest and repair itself. And even though its hard to believe, one can have muscle tears that are very old that are causing chronic pain. In addition using an infra-red LED light on the skin daily can add in the tears healing more rapidly. Tape alone will heal the tear. Its really important to know why one is in pain to put you on the right path of getting out of pain.

And though muscle tears seems like a common thing for most PT and doctors to diagnosis, it is rare they do it. Some of the nagging pain that just will not seem to resolve could be a muscle tear or a ligament tear. Come in for a session…


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