Watching the Musicans Play…

I had the rare opportunity to see the Santa Rosa symphony last week. It is hard for a structural bodywork to not look at how each person in the symphony is holding their bodies. There was a passionate guest pianist who I am sure has neck pain in how she was holding herself playing. I was so lucky to have center balcony seats. And my friend brought the little bionoculars to view the muscians close up. I could see that one of the base player had a severe tork in his upper back in the way his neck was cocked in relationship with his shoulders.

It is hard to turn off the level of observational skills I have developed over the last 20 years of doing bodywork. I was a distance runner in college who will never run again because of all the damage it caused my body.

I think and dream of a day people can treat their body’s as the most important job there is in this life. So that we all can be like that passionate pianist, but think about the ergonomics of our crafts. This way, like myself,  I will be passionately pruning fruit trees into my 90s, as I am all about how I use my body. What am I doing that can be altered to live safer in my body.


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