Symphony of Symptoms…

I see the symphony like a persons body. One must look at all the symptoms of the body, the whole symphony as  the many instruments that make up the body totality.  If a health practitioner just looks at just one symptom or a few symptoms without treating the whole symphony of symptoms, then we just get partial relief. As one is not seeing that the symptoms are the sign posts to tell the person that the body, the life force, is out of balance.

I am constantly having people coming up to me and ask me what homeopathic remedy do you use to treat this kind of skin rash, this type of anxiety, this kind of cold, this kind of backache? The answer is the same for any symptom you toss out to me.

I say, I don’t treat individual symptoms. I treat the whole person. I treat the whole symphony of symptoms not just this or that symptom you don’t like nor want. As a homeopath, every person has had a different life journey to get them to their state of dis-ease. Our aim in homeopathy is to go to the root of the problem. Where did it start? What was the trigger? What have you not recovered from?

In the last few weeks, I have had two different people calling and wanting homeopathy because their children are getting colds every month. And the question I ask is not the symptoms of the cold in the phone screening, but what was going on in your child’s life when these colds started. The cold is just a vent like a tea pot blowing off steam. It is not the problem.

And when one gets a good homeopath to look at their entire case from birth to now, you can see the patterns. The grief, the shock, the stress, the suppressions of symptoms that drive the dis-ease state deeper into the organism to cause more issues.  Unraveling the case takes a good eye and a detective mind to look deeper than what we see on the surface. The homeopaths aim is to address the larger issues of why the symptoms exist. And then to get the balance of the symphony of all the parts of the person. Then harmonic balance is achieved. And oh, how delightful that is…

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