Fires, Particulates & Freeing The Lymphatic System

Breathing in Fire Compounds

“That fire [Camp Fire from Paradise, CA] is causing the worst air pollution in history for the Bay Area and northern California, says John Balmes, a physician at the University of California, Berkeley, who sits on the California Air Resources Board.” 1

“Longer-term impacts of such exposure, meanwhile, are little understood. Few studies have been conducted to track the health of people months, and years, after they have been exposed to high concentrations of ‘particulate’ pollution. The emissions are similar to the toxic particles released with the burning of fossil fuels. But fire fumes could pose an additional risk, because they include chemicals released when homes and cars — and their attendant insulation, plastics and metals — burn.” 2

” ‘This is not good for our lungs,’ says Dr. Gopal Allada, a pulmonologist and critical care specialist at Oregon Health & Science University, ‘When you inhale these really small particles, smaller than a few microns, they can land in your lungs and cause respiratory symptoms.’ They can even pass into your bloodstream.” 3

“For people who have underlying heart conditions or respiratory illnesses — such as asthma or chronic lung disease — exposure to wildfire smoke can be serious. Other high-risk groups include people over 65, children (whose lungs are still developing) and pregnant women, because of the risk to the fetus.” 3

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Susceptibility & the Lymphatic System 

These fires will affect each person differently depending on our current state of health and our inherited susceptibility. As a homeopath, I have noticed that our weakest link in our health can be triggered. Looking at the whole system is a key to bringing our vital energy to the best place it can be when faced with toxic environmental issues.I highly recommend coming in for a cranial lymphatic session. It is very relaxing and helps the body purge toxicity that is bound up in the lungs and the lymphatic system, which is our immune system. I have also been using an 8,000 mW of red and infrared LED light on each clients lungs. This past week, I got the pleasure of giving 45 minute lymphatic sessions to two young children.
Other ways to stimulate the lymphatic system are salt scrubs, dry brushing or jumping on a rebounder.
For those who are really suffering, I suggest a personalized constitutional homeopathic remedy for you.
Here is a client’s transformational process of her life-changing experience being on professional homeopathic care.
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