Strength and Flexibility

Strength and Flexibity

Many people think that flexibility is the key to getting out of back pain. I have found in my own body and clients that strength is what needs to be built first in our backs prior to flexibility. Many clients have weak core abdominal muscles and back muscles.  It has been a pleasure to look at each client’s structure and see what is exactly going on in their body. Where is the back weak? Where is the back too tight or too flexible?

Exercise is the only meaningful way to increase functional capacity.4 What home exercises can I give to help create lasting change in the body? One exercise is plank pose in the picture above and many other exercises to strength the back and core muscles. Exercises will take a minute out of your life and help completely change patterns in your body. Home care and the correct exercises are a big piece of keeping one’s back working well.

“The majority of back pain is the result of muscle and ligament strain or weakness, and can often be prevented by developing core strength and proper posture,” said Dr. Daniel Mazanec, associate director of the Center for Spine Health at the Cleveland Clinic.

4. Bortz WM 2nd. Redefining human aging. J Am Geriatr Soc. 1989 Nov;37(11):1092–1096.  [PubMed]

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