Celebrating 20 Years of Bodywork

20 Years of Bodywork and Entering a New Phase

After 20 years of practicing bodywork this July, I am still asking questions and refining what is working and what isn’t. After the last 10 years of primarily offering subtle cranial work, I am moving into integrating more physical bodywork to help clients get out of pain faster.

I have been fortunate to have so many master teachers in my life. In January, I began studying with a master teacher who is cutting edge in bodywork, Curtis Turchin D.C.

For years in my practice, I was seeing patterns in people’s bodies. For example, I observed that most people’s sacrum was anterior on the right side. There are some classic patterns that many people suffer with in body symmetry. And then you add injury into the stew and things get rather complex pretty quickly.

The key is mobilization.

It is brilliant to use the innate movement of the client’s muscles to unglue areas of one’s body that feel like cement. I am able to facilitate mobility for the client in a rather short amount of time. By watching what is moving or testing joints, I can access what exercises to send one home with to keep the movement forward into a pain-free life.

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