Holidays with Ease

‘Tis the season….

For many people, this is a joyous celebration of holy days. For others, this can be a really challenging time of year. There is great pressure to spend a lot of money to show people how much we love them. At times, we buy things our loved ones don’t really need or want.

The stress of the season takes a toll on our nervous system.  It could be the changing of the weather or the deep reflection of the kind of year it has been.

I want to give the gift of one of my most useful passive practices, the mediation of yoga nidra.  This ancient practice can reduce tension, anxiety and rejuvenate the body. Yoga nidra is an art of deeply relaxing the body. There is a part in the mediation to create what is called a “resolve” or an affirmation.

When you are so relaxed you will be in an open, receptive and intuitive space. Being this relaxed creates a fertile ground where this new seed thought can be planted, to manifest anything.

Here is a research paper of the health benefits yoga nidra…

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