Mobility and Range of Motion in the Spine

For the Love of Your Back

Could your chronic neck or back pain be from lack of mobility?
Have you ever wondered how much work your spine does for you?
Have you ever pondered getting a tune-up on the spine?
Your spine starts at the base of your skull and runs into your hips. It is a thirty-three-bone-pillar that holds you erect and walking.
You go to the dentist, you get your haircut, but when was the last time you made an appointment to check your spine mobility?

Joint Mobility and Chronic Pain

Does your spine feel stiff?
Do you lack a range of motion with side bending in your torso?
Your thoracic spine is directly connected to your cervical spine (located at the neck). Because of the close link between the two, you can see how a lack of joint mobility in the thoracic spine could potentially contribute to disorders in the neck.1
In fact, a direct association has been found between people with decreased mobility in the thoracic spine who also complain of neck pain.2

1.) Cleland J, et al. Development of a clinical prediction rule for guiding treatment of a subgroup of patients with neck pain: use of thoracic spine manipulation, exercise, and patient education. Phys Ther. 2007;87(1):9-23.
2.) Norlander S, Nordgren B. Clinical symptoms related to musculoskeletal neck-shoulder pain and mobility in the spine. Scand J Rehabil Med. 1998;30:243-251

For the Love of Your Spine Special

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C.M. Santa Rosa, CA

The Month of Love

February usually conjures thoughts of chocolates and flowers. But what if February becomes a moment of deep reflection and caring for your spine? The part of your body that holds you up through thick and thin. Maybe it’s time to appreciate it.

Please forward this to any friends or family who may need help with their neck or back. I hope to be a resource to help you and your loved ones keep healthy.

Elizabeth Lakin CCHH, CCSP, NTS

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