Good Computer Ergonomics = Happy Neck

I am bewildered by how many professionals work on laptop computers on the sofa or at the kitchen table. These poor work habits can create strain and pain in the body. “Sitting at work for more than 95% of the working time seems to be a risk factor for neck pain and there is a trend for a positive relation between neck flexion and neck pain.”1

Many people have heard of using better ergonomics with their computer but feel that it’s too complex to change their ways.

1.)  Ariëns GA, Bongers PM, Douwes M, Miedema MC, Hoogendoorn WE, van der Wal G, Bouter LM, van Mechelen W. Are neck flexion, neck rotation, and sitting at work risk factors for neck pain? Results of a prospective cohort study.​ Occup Environ Med. 2001 Mar;58(3):200-7​. [PUBMED]

Ergonomics and Your Computer 

Some of these straightforward ideas in the picture below illustrate healthy habits for using your computer. Utilizing these ergonomic techniques can save you time, money, and unwanted physical pain. 

I often hear from clients who believe that because they work on a laptop, they can’t create these fancy set-ups. But the fact is, they can, by using an external keyboard and an external mouse, which make a world of difference. Also, lifting the computer screen higher so that the neck stays in neutral position (not looking up nor down) will reduce strain. If you don’t have the correct stand for lifting the computer screen, a simple solution would be to set the screen on a stack of books. And, finally, of course, sitting up straight in a good chair will make your spine feel much happier. 

“I went to Elizabeth for a locked up neck and upper back and she resolved it in one session. She also has extensive experience – 20 years – in cranial sacral which I have also had the benefit of receiving. Amazing! I highly recommend Elizabeth as she can support you from many directions and on many levels. Thank you for your great work, Elizabeth!
K.P. Santa Rosa, CA

Nourishment to Your Body

Life can be so busy that we forget about nourishment needed right now. Why wait until a nagging body pain becomes so loud that you can hardly move? Instead listen subtly to your body’s needs, and reach out for help when that is needed.

Please forward this to any friends or family who may need help. I hope to be a resource to help you and your loved ones keep healthy.

Elizabeth Lakin CCHH, CCSP, NTS
voicemail: 707-583-2370

Elizabeth Lakin’s education began with a B.S. in Botany from Eastern Illinois University. She is a graduate of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 1998, and the Institute of Classical Homoeopathy (4-year homoeopathic program) in 2007. She studied Ayurveda at the Dhyana Education and Rejuvenation Center in 2001-2003. Elizabeth became a Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner and has been treating clients since 1998. Since 2008, she has traveled to Belgium twice annually to continue advanced studies in homeopathy as the student of the best miasmic prescriber in the world. In January 2018, she began studying with Curtis Turchin D.C. and integrating Gentle Mobilization into her bodywork including joint stretching, joint mobilization, manual manipulation, kinetic taping, cranial work and take-home tailored exercises.

Health is about adaptability.
Healing is about going to the root cause of what ails the whole body rather than just looking at a few individual symptoms. It has been Elizabeth’s life path to unravel her own health issues completely naturally. And then to offer the world what she knows has worked for her.

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