Alternatives For Vaccination For Children

The question keeps coming to me as a classical homeopath from concerned parents about what are their alternatives to the traditional vaccinations for children. Often folks are under the impression that perhaps they can vaccinate with a homeopathic remedy.

This sadly is very flawed philosophy. Homeopathic remedies are not placebos. They are potentized remedies that are serially diluted and successed to make the remedy stronger. The drug provings for homeopathic remedies are done strictly on healthy individuals. The person conduction the proving documents all symptoms the remedy has the power to induce in this healthy individual. Each remedy has the capacity of creating any where from 1000 to 4000 symptoms.

When a patient comes to the homeopath and express their concerns and symptoms that they have the homeopath takes meticulous notes. Each homeopathic  first consultation lasts anywhere from 2-4 hours. Then these symptoms of the patient are organized and there is a way to find what is the core of the patients issues. How exactly did they come to their level or suffering or symptoms that trouble them.

As homeopaths, we match the symptoms given in the consultation to the symptoms the remedy has the power to induce. This is where the concept of “like curing like” happens.

When treating a child, we use the characteristics of their personality like are they shy, bossy or have anger issues.  When choosing the proper remedy for a child case, the entire story is heard – mentally, emotionally and the physical issues. The best alternative to vaccination is to get the child on a well chosen homeopathic remedy that covers the entirety of who they are.

It is INCORRECT homeopathic treatment to give a nosode of a disease state like a vaccine to try to create protection. Why would you want to give a remedy to a child that the child doesn’t need? I have had many clients ask me to give their child homeopathic remedy of something a  doctor would give in a vaccine.

I have written a well documented vaccine paper that will inform parents of the side-effects and long lasting harms of traditional vaccination. It spells out how easy it is to “LEGALLY” opt out of vaccinations in all but two US states. In the state of CA the laws have changed that you need a medical doctor to legally opt out of vaccinations. Please educate yourself and find what is right for your child. Please pass this document on to others as it was written for parents to help them make an informed decision with empowerment.

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