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Symphony of Symptoms…

I see the symphony like a persons body. One must look at all the symptoms of the body, the whole symphony as  the many instruments that make up the body totality.  If a health practitioner just looks at just one … Continue reading

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Flu season – are you susceptible?

Why is it that some people fall ill in flu season and some don’t? Is it more than just luck?  Some people fall ill in epidemics and others don’t like with mononucleosis, swine flu or malaria. The answer to this puzzling … Continue reading

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Sprained Ankles and The Joys of Arnica

☼ The confusion with potency: Being a very old school homeopath, meaning not a modern one, I was perplexed when I realized how much the use of homeopathic potencies  is misunderstood. It should be as it is confusing topic and … Continue reading

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What Is Homeopathic Vibrational Medicine About?

I was laying in the healing mineral waters in a spa in the sweet town of Spa, Belgium. There was a little event there daily where people float on foam noodles under their knees and neck while this women hit … Continue reading

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