Alternatives For Vaccination For Children

The question keeps coming to me as a classical homeopath from concerned parents about what are their alternatives to the traditional vaccinations for children. Often folks are under the impression that perhaps they can vaccinate with a homeopathic remedy.

This sadly is very flawed philosophy. Homeopathic remedies are not placebos. They are potentized remedies that are serially diluted and successed to make the remedy stronger. The drug provings for homeopathic remedies are done strictly on healthy individuals. The person conduction the proving documents all symptoms the remedy has the power to induce in this healthy individual. Each remedy has the capacity of creating any where from 1000 to 4000 symptoms.

When a patient comes to the homeopath and express their concerns and symptoms that they have the homeopath takes meticulous notes. Each homeopathic  first consultation lasts anywhere from 2-4 hours. Then these symptoms of the patient are organized and there is a way to find what is the core of the patients issues. How exactly did they come to their level or suffering or symptoms that trouble them.

As homeopaths, we match the symptoms given in the consultation to the symptoms the remedy has the power to induce. This is where the concept of “like curing like” happens.

When treating a child, we use the characteristics of their personality like are they shy, bossy or have anger issues.  When choosing the proper remedy for a child case, the entire story is heard – mentally, emotionally and the physical issues. The best alternative to vaccination is to get the child on a well chosen homeopathic remedy that covers the entirety of who they are.

It is INCORRECT homeopathic treatment to give a nosode of a disease state like a vaccine to try to create protection. Why would you want to give a remedy to a child that the child doesn’t need? I have had many clients ask me to give their child homeopathic remedy of something a  doctor would give in a vaccine.

I have written a well documented vaccine paper that will inform parents of the side-effects and long lasting harms of traditional vaccination. It spells out how easy it is to “LEGALLY” opt out of vaccinations in all but two US states. In the state of CA the laws have changed that you need a medical doctor to legally opt out of vaccinations. Please educate yourself and find what is right for your child. Please pass this document on to others as it was written for parents to help them make an informed decision with empowerment.

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Transitioning Cats off Dry Food to Raw Meat Diet…

Have you ever read the ingredients on your cat food? Even the best organic cat food has an enormously long list of things. When I think of cats in the wild, I reflect that they are not eating dry kibble food from a bag or a box.

My journey to transitioning my two beautiful Russian Blue cats to a raw food diet has been a long journey. I adopted these cats from a friend and she was feeding them Costco dry food. So perhaps, that is like the worst dry food one can get on the market. I slowly transitioned them to organic kibble.

It wasn’t until my neighbor’s cat, Belle, kept breaking into my magnet cat door that needed a collar to get in. Belle was breaking in to steal my cats dry kibble food. Belle is on a raw food diet for some time. But she was mysteriously addicted to breaking in and stealing my cats food.

The lady at the pet food store said the best dry food even organic is not as good as the worst canned food. Cats are not suppose to eat dry cat food. It causes all kinds of health issues for them like urinary tract problems, obesity….

But the way to successful transition a cat takes time. First you never want to mix dry food with the raw food. As each of these foods has a different digestion rate and it can make your cat bloated trying to mix them. So, the first thing is to introduce canned cat food, preferable organic as all cat food on the market has GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods) if not organic. Mix the dry cat food with the canned cat food. Then slowly start using more wet cat food than dry cat food. It’s a process so don’t rush it. As you don’t want to shock your cats digestive system.

When you completely wean them off of the addictive dry cat food. Then you mix a little of the raw cat food with the canned food. I have been using the Primal brand but I know there are many brands on the market. Slowly, slowly you increase the amount of raw food and lessen the amount of canned food. Take your time as it can take a while to really get them used to it.

Then you eventually, remove all the canned food and only use the raw food. I have used a few things in the process to help with the transition like nutritional yeast which the cats love sprinkled on top of the food. My cats were like where is my dry food and what is this junk. They were quite angry at me and sorta refused to eat the canned food with raw food at first when we made that leap. Nutritional yeast saved me from wasting lots of food. My cats would eat the wet food/raw food mix with nutritional yeast generously on the food. Then I slowly didn’t use the nutritional yeast or only use it sometimes.

What are the benefits?

My cats dropped some chubby weight. Their fur switched to being even softer. They also are not suffering with fleas which has been a really big challenge for these cats. And they are catching more gophers as they have a taste for raw meat now. I highly recommend the transition and encourage you to take your time with it.  I highly advice doing each step slowly  for best results. Let your cats lead you…


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Why Do We Treat The Whole Person?

Homeopathy works with the whole person – mentally, emotionally, and physically.  The physical complaints are usually why a person is seeking help but these isolated symptoms are just a piece of the picture.

There is the whole story of how a person got to their current state of health. What are the contributing factors leading them to their suffering?  This story is unique and precious to the homeopath because it helps us find the correct remedy.  Even if there are five people suffering with the same condition, each person got there in a different way, a complex story that is all their own.

What is rare about homeopathy is that it focuses on the whole person rather than a single complaint or only a few symptoms.  Imagine yourself like a lovely painting with all the details and beauty that makes you, you.  This is your totality and it is crucial to treat the whole picture not just one or two symptoms that trouble you.  There are wonderful characteristics about yourself, other things that trouble you or you wish you could change.

Our focus in homeopathy is the totality of all the symptoms and what makes them unique to your suffering or your life situation.  Weaved into treating the whole person is our family inheritance, our weakness that come from our family history.  There is also the different traumas or incidents that are still affecting you in the present moment that could of happened five to twenty years ago.

Homeopathy is truly a wholistic medicine, treating the whole being.  The true goal of homeopathy is to figure out what is holding the person back from their deepest purpose and their truest fulfillment and happiness in life.

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Ode to Tailbone and Fascial Adhesions…

What is this fascia stuff? I had a core synch teacher once said fascia is like a can of Cheez Whiz that you squirt in your body from the mouth. It is everywhere…

What does that mean fascia is everywhere? I have come to understand that really fascia encases muscles, organs, deep in the body it goes. There are anatomy trains like tracks that Tom Myers talks about as he created maps of fascia. The real question is how does it apply to you and your old injuries?

I guess its always best to give examples. It has been a long journey with this body of mine. Sometimes I feel like an old Tom cat that has been in too many fights as the injuries keep surfacing as the years grow on. One of my latest and most complex discovery was really startling to me. I was working with a chiropractor who is more like a physical therapist. He discovered that my tailbone was completely severed from my sacrum. And the darn tailbone was dangling in fascial adhesions. It will always be a mystery of how after almost 20 years of studying and working with many masters in bodywork that no one saw that gapping injury. But there is always the mystery of timing with things.

So what kind of distortions come in the pelvis from a tailbone that has been floating for probably 20-30 years after it is put back into place. There are old patterns of torks and twists that need unraveling in the fascia. There are nerves that need new routing. Something that has been out for a long time is used to being in its old position and wants to go back there. Imagine that sweater that you put on a hanger when it was wet that now is pulled at the shoulders. And that shoulder pulling on the sweater pulls other areas of the sweater in that direction.

This is the web of fascia and how complex it can become. I often think of it like that old Laffy Taffy bars of candy. That once fascia is not fluid and moving it becomes hardened and glues to what ever is close to it. Here is where we get tons of organ misplacement and deep internal adhesions torking the body.

Being a Polarity therapist as my foundational work in bodywork, I found this ironic. Here my South pole, my tailbone, has been out for eons which has probably caused lots of things in my body to not stabilize. I was blessed with an incredible mentor in core synchronism that I was trading work with to continue with the unraveling of this ancient injury. Not really sure what I would have done without her as the pain of such a nerve injury is quite intense. Here is where all the years of meditation have come in. I am not sure where I would be in life with out the practice of Yoga Nidra as it has literally saved my life.

Some folks say if it doesn’t hurt don’t touch it. I actually got ton of grief from my homeopathic mentor as she said it should have just been left alone. And yet if we go back to that level of intuition that cries out for structural integrity. What does that even mean structural integrity? I want to be climbing trees and pruning fruit trees well into my 90s as well as backpacking. I have worked my body hard gardening for over 20+ years. I really want my body fully back in a way it has never quite been but I know is possible. I recall when I ran track and cross country in college there was this trainer who said you will never run marathons. I wish I could have asked why he said that. But if I can know what I know now, I can say he saw deep structural issues in my body.

We live in these bodies for only a brief period of time. And I find it so interesting the lack of interest in getting this machine humming like your car. If your car had even the slightest issues you would take it in. But not the body, it has got to be literally and figuratively on fire to go get help. I guess it has been a journey for me this depth of deeply studying fascia. I am so lucky that core synchronism addresses not only bones, muscles and organs but what is going on with the fascia. I think I could teach a class on the many ways not to sit on your tailbone. I will say when this precious thing totally stabilizes and heals that I will deeply appreciate this tailbone from the depth of my being for the rest of my life.

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What Is Vital Health?

Many folks seem to think that if they don’t have some pathological disorder than they are healthy.  Our health is more than acceptable blood tests, cholesterol levels and being clear of cancer. The question to ask your self is how are you mentally and emotionally? Are you happy and doing what you want to be doing in your life?

It is key for one to look to where are short comings are in life before they turn into some disease name like cancer or clinical depressed. What is holding you back from your deepest fulfillment – grief, anger, fear, anxiety, chronic pain or sleep issues?

Balanced health is looking at the whole package – mentally, emotionally and physically.

This is one of the jewels of homeopathy is that it treats each person individually. Homeopathy looks deeply into the patient to say what is holding you back from vital health and true happiness.

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Listening to the Body…

It’s like a brave new concept to actually listen to the subtle cues of the body. I went for years denying what I was feeling and pushing hard in my 20s. It lead me to lots of chronic injuries that built like layers to the next injury. And I ask myself, why didn’t I hear the calling of my body?

I don’t really think we are taught to feel. To really feel what is going on in your being – both emotionally and physically. We live in a culture that drinks coffee to stay up when we are tired and alcohol to open ourselves from our inhibitions. But what if we left all those substances aside and really listened? Where would we be right now?

I usually meet folks in my practice who don’t come in until they are in raging pain. But how about the softer whispers that the body gifts out that isn’t the flair ups. I think it really takes time to hear those softer callings. Sure when you slip a disc or a rib is out place which can cause screaming pain that needs to delt with it. Those are things you have to listen to.

I just had this experience where I got really spooked in a situation. I had a flash of fear that was quite potent. Instead of blowing it off and pushing it away, I really honored it and listened. No way to know if it was the right move to take space from a situation that spooked me. But I will say my body probably honors me that I listened even if I couldn’t intellectually understand. I think that is the deep listening to know what feels right. To go with the ease instead of pushing against the stream.

I think I have come to points in my life where I could not disregard what was going on. My injuries always were at a threshold of hardly being tolerable. And in some ways, I really give thanks as it has lead me to really know my body. I also wasn’t into pain medication as I had a fear that I would get addicted to it. So, I managed my pain through meditation and relaxation. I am sure it would be tricky to go from using tons of pain medication to tossing them for meditation. I guess I just had this inner hit. That I should listen to my body. When something was too much I stopped. I rested. I found relief somehow. Really I studied many arts to try to relieve my own physical pain. I think I have really taken years to honor the pain as it has lead my life, my profession, my passion to help others.

I think it is a tricky thing to teach someone how to listen to their body, their inner child, their deep emotions. I find the more you listen the louder the intuition becomes. I always used to use this trick where if I didn’t listen to something like a message to ‘grab your coat’. And then later I was cold and kicked myself that I didn’t listen. I would speak out to my being and say, “please speak louder because I am quite stubborn and don’t hear well.” The messages got louder and I have to say I have learned to listen in a whole other way. There is always more to evolve on this topic. But I am in the present conversation of it all. And one thing I really have learned to ask myself is, “what do you need right now?” It seems like such a simple thing but it is profound to really tune into that one question in the now moment. It has become almost like a practice. Hand on my heart and ask what do you need right now…

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Sprained Ankles and The Joys of Arnica

The confusion with potency:

Being a very old school homeopath, meaning not a modern one, I was perplexed when I realized how much the use of homeopathic potencies  is misunderstood. It should be as it is confusing topic and there are not many if any books on the topic. So, I am going to just tell you all the best way to treat a sprained ankle with Arnica montana homeopathic.

The interesting thing about treating acute injuries like falls, fractures or burns is that you want to treat the acute until it is finished. Otherwise, that injury becomes a pesky chronic injury as the acute was taken care of properly. Sometimes you will need another homeopathic remedy to finish off an acute injury.

Sometimes you won’t and you will continue with the remedy that is working well until you are better. It is always a good thing to also realize when you are over your head and need to consult with a homeopath or another health care provider.

How does this medicine work anyhow?

It is really good to understand philosophy of homeopathy to get what is really going on here. The homeopathic remedy “acts” to mimic the disharmony going on in the body. So in our sprained ankle example, we can look in our homeopathic books what Arnica helps with bruised, sore, achy, trauma induced injuries. Let me be clear here, there are thousands of symptoms that arnica can help with. But as a classical homeopath, we treat the combination of all the persons symptoms – mentally, emotionally and physically. Not everyone who is sore and achy needs Arnica. So please don’t miss use this remedy that way.

Back to our example here…

Its like this, the remedy acts just like the body is feeling. Hence, the “like cures like” principle. The remedy sort of tricks the body and takes over. This is the primary reaction of the remedy. It’s just like how coffee has a primary reaction and a secondary reaction. Unless we get how these very important principles of primary and secondary reaction we can’t use homeopathy with much success as we never let the remedy go into secondary reaction.   In the primary reaction of coffee we feel perked up. The secondary reaction of coffee is we are more tired than we were to begin with.

In our homeopathic remedy, the primary reaction is what symptoms are matching the symptoms of the body. The secondary reaction is the complete opposite or how homeopaths view cure.

So, if we improperly keep giving a remedy when it is not needed we keep the person in primary reaction. And our goal, is to let the remedy do its magic by going into secondary reaction.

Our example of the sprained ankle:

Let’s take the example of a sprained ankle as they are so common and troublesome.  You need to start with the right potency once you realize that this is really an arnica acute injury.

One must determine what symptoms are the patient’s chronic ones and what are the true acute symptoms.  One easy way to find out, if it is a true acute symptom is to ask this question: “Does your ankle normally hurt like this?”  If the patient has chronic sprained ankles this is not an acute and needs to be treated with the constitutional or chronic remedy. Consult a trained homeopath for this.

If it is a true acute start by asking yourself and analyzing how bad is it? This is how you figure out what potency to start off at. Ask your injured patient to tell you what the pain is from a number scale from 1-10, ten being the worst pain ever.

The progression of potencies is as follows:

30C to 200C to 1M to 10M to 50M to CM (strongest).

I am just posting the full potency scale above as folks seem to not get it. 30c is the lowest potency above and CM is the highest. It is very important to use the scale in this order of ascending potency when you figure out where to start on the potency scale. This might be tricky to get this potency if you don’t have a homeopathic practitioner around but perhaps not.

Begin by giving the correct potency. In our example of the sprained ankle we are going to begin with a 10M as this is the best way to treat a sprained ankle.

Most Arnica acutes do not need to start at 10M but a sprained ankle does.

Wait a half an hour to see if the dose did anything.  If it did nothing at all, then it is probably not the right remedy. If it were too low of potency, it would most likely do a little bit for a very short time.  If it did a little something but didn’t hold very long, you probably needed a higher potency.

If a remedy works (meaning that the presenting symptoms go away), you wait until symptoms come back before giving more of the remedy.  The timing for the next dose is unique for each person.  Sometimes if you hit exactly the right dose, you may only need one dose of a remedy.  More likely, you will need to give another dose in an acute case.  A dose may last a few minutes to several hours, depending on the situation, potency and severity.

So let’s use the example that you gave a dose at 10M for a sprained ankle and it worked well.  All the symptoms, or most of them, went away and then in an hour the symptoms all came back.  Now it is time for the next dose. Never give the same potency twice.  The life force needs something a little stronger as the susceptibility for the remedy at the first potency has been satisfied.  The next step would be what is called “plussing the dose.”

Plussing the dose (to make the same potency stronger):

In this example, you would start with the 10M of Arnica, put a pellet in a jar or cup with 1 cup of water and either shake the jar ten times or cascade with a spoon (pulling spoon up in water and letting the liquid drop down).  Then give a teaspoon of that liquid.  You can plus a dose (meaning next time symptoms come back shake ten more times or cascade ten more times) until the plussed dose doesn’t help anymore.  Sometimes, it is possible that one can plus a dose three or four times.  If a plussed dose doesn’t do anything, it is time to move up to the next potency if the remedy is still needed.

Moving to the next potency.

In this example, the next dose would be the 50M.  Always begin by giving the dry dose (one pellet) and the next time the remedy is needed you plus the dose in water.   Repeat the plussing (only when symptoms return) until it doesn’t hold anymore then go to the CM dose.  Remember to run boiling water over the jar and spoon to inactivate the remedy, before re-using the same jar, cup or spoon.  At a certain point, the action of a remedy will continue to hold and you won’t need another dose.  If you need to treat the remaining state, more characteristic symptoms will come back.  The patient could move into another state, which might need a different remedy.

☼ How do you know if remedy is still acting?

You may only need the 10M of  Arnica. If the remedy is still acting, it is like a snowball going down a mountain. Which means you don’t want to interrupt a remedy that is working well. This is not aspirin that one takes every 3-4 hours. This is about really listening to the signs and symptoms of the body as when the pain, discomfort or swelling comes back. That is the only time you take another dose. Otherwise, you are interrupting a properly working remedy which is not a good thing at all.

You may plateau on a dose and not need any more. Of course, icing ankle is always helpful. And being careful to not re-injury it.

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Embracing the Shadow…

What is the shadow anyway? All this talk about it and really it should be something we learn in kindergarden but we don’t.

In homeopathic school, we had this exercise to write all our flaws down. We needed to know what was our personally stuff. This way we didn’t mix it up with something a client brought in the room.

But we never talked about embracing the pieces of our shadow. It is so new-age to not want to look at any parts of ourselves that are not amazing. I have learned more about my positive aspects by appreciating and honoring my shadow pieces. Knowing the pieces – the anger, jealousy, impatience, physical pain, fear…

For me, when I learned to acknowledge and honor these pieces instead of trying to shove them under the carpet it shifted something.  To know when to pull one of these cards out and use them in an appropriate way is powerful.

What we need is more love not less. More honor, more respect, more time to cultivate a deep knowing in ourselves.



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Insomnia and That Precious Pineal Gland

Many people have Insomnia which is trouble falling asleep or staying asleep through the night. Our body is refueled through deep sleep. So, when a person has issues with sleeping their entire life is affected.

What many folks haven’t really looked at deeply is the relationship of the pineal gland moving in its proper motion with the entire brainstem and the entire brain, for that matter. If there is a confusion in this part of the brain then sleep may be a large issue.

Core Synchronism  is a type of cranial-osteopathy which can feel the subtle movements of the cranial waves which resemble ocean waves. The whole body, every organ, every bone, every muscle and fascial tissue moves in 3-D motion.

There also is that Polarity law that as says “above so below”. Meaning that we really want stability in the head and brain as it effects the entire body.

Core Synchronism can easily put the pineal and brainstem back into its proper motion within a treatment.  Sometimes this may take many sessions as the body is used to things being in the wrong placement. But soon enough there is a moment that the body is ecstatic to have the brain moving correctly. It is not a miracle process but definitely depends on how out of place the brainstem and pineal have gotten and how long they have been that way.

One may ask how such a precious pineal gland gets out of place in the first place. Its a grand question. Many people forget about old head injuries, invasive dental work or perhaps there has been this problem the entire person life. It could have happened being lodged in the birth canal the wrong way. The list is endless. But luckily, the brain loves to be put back into correct motion.

Ah, but the rewards are amazing as sleep is a precious thing!

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What is Core Synchronism?

What is Core Synchronism?

Many of my patients  seem to wonder what is this most subtle and effective work really entails. My patients have deep relaxation on the table and feel more themselves and balanced in such a profound way.

I think of myself like a skilled mechanic. Everything moves in the body in opening and closing phases like the tides of the ocean.

It is quite easy to see when a client comes in and complains about some inflammation in their ankle that there is no movement in that ankle. By following the ankles movement, connecting it to the rest of the foot, leg, leg muscles, fascial tissues and pelvis we create more flow. Inflammation is reduced and so is their pain.

Life is about the balance of flow on our physical body, etheric body, mental body and emotional body.

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