Homeopathic 6-Month Journey...

Our six month journey together begins in the "deep dive" session which is a nourishing homeopathic intake. In that session, I will get to know you very well, and be able to address the underlying condition causing your symptoms.

The initial session itself is a process, a healing. Telling your story to a homoeopath who is truly listening and present can be an amazing experience. Often people feel better even before taking the remedy because of the release that comes from sharing their story and symptoms to a sympathetic listener.

All the information you share will be used to find a remedy that will allow vibrant health to unfold for you.

Three follow-up sessions, spaced 6-8 weeks apart, will support and guide you further on your journey.

There is nothing like having a homeopath on your healing team who can access your questions and concerns while under treatment.

To set up Complementary Phone Screening please call or email

Phone: (707) 583-2370
email: elizabeth@nurturingvitality.com


"I am functioning and not just by a little bit. I am steadily improving. My capacity for health keeps getting bigger. I don't know how to translate that. I have gotten 99% of relief of all my symptoms. Life is different because I have a safety net. No matter what happens even if the remedy has to be changed, I know that something is working. It makes me relaxed. Even if I get injured later in life or a serious traumatic event happens, I feel like I can handle it. And I know I have the support of my homeopathic remedy. I have something I know that works. The beginning phases of the action of the remedy is so subtle and deep. I was really unaware of how it was working. It becomes so obvious to me over a bit of time that homeopathy was helping a lot. Stay with it as the transformation is so deep that the mind can't make sense of it.."
E.S. Sebastopol, CA