Core Synchronism

Profoundly holistic, Core Synchronism gently works with every system of your body to synchronize subtle rhythms of the bones, brain, organs, glands, chakras, lymphatic system, myofascial trains, nervous system and the body's entire electrical system with the movement of the cerebro-spinal fluid and breath of the life force.

Cerebrospinal fluid is the carrier of life force in the body. Produced in the brain, it circulates into the body and reabsorbs in the blood in a manner similar to the expansion and contraction of ocean tides. The bodyís structures accommodate this expansion and contraction by moving along with the fluid. If they donít, inflammation, pain or other symptoms result. Headaches, for example, indicate blocked movement of the brain and cranial bones. Through gentle touch, we assess which organs, bones or fluids are not moving correctly and guide them back to healthy flow and function.

Core Synchronism evokes a deep state of relaxation, integrating your body and sense of self. Similar to the restorative levels of sleep, this allows any state of imbalance, trauma, and pain to be released from your system effortlessly. Though gentle, itís extremely effective for chronic pain, chronic dysfunctions, head injury and trauma.

This modality is based on philosophies of Natural Therapeutics, Cranial-osteopathy and Polarity Therapy. Core Synchronism enables the practitioner to release disharmonic patterns from their sources at all layers of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. This is highly effective work which can also be done remotely.