Cranial-sacral Therapy

Cranial-sacral Therapy uses a gentle touch to relax the stressed area and help the body heal itself. It can ease physical pain enormously.

This work can be beneficial in reducing tension and advancing healing during the weeks both before and after surgery. Cranial-sacral Therapy is excellent at helping the body cope with traumas like falls, accidents, blows, physical and emotional stresses and the birth process itself. Imbalances from trauma can cause patterns to become imprinted or locked into tissue.

This work is an offshoot of Osteopathy by following the rhythm’s of the cerebro-spinal fluids. During a Cranial-sacral Therapy session the body may spontaneously adjust and correct itself in the form of physical movements, emotional releases or tissue ‘unwinding’.

Cranial-sacral Therapy is gentle and safe enough for new-born babies, pregnant women and the elderly, yet strong enough for active persons chronic pain from injuries that never healed correctly. It is remarkably peaceful, relaxing and a pain-free therapy.


"I found Elizabeth's hands-on work to be highly refined and subtle in all the best ways. She helped me unwind trauma due to a painful knee injury and the resulting surgery. I found her knowledgeable, compassionate, sensitive and very respectful. Her gentle approach helped my body release deep patterns of stress and compensation so that I could regain my alignment and balance. Her healing space is conveniently located and the space itself is beautiful and deeply soothing. Elizabeth is a dedicated healer and her commitment to her clients and their healing success is a true gift. The healing begins once you enter her room!"
Q.F. Sebastopol, CA