45 year old Female

What were your symptoms before homeopathy?

"I had severe allergies to animals and environmental allergens."

What happened over time to transform your health through homeopathic treatment?

"The allergies became less sensitive over time. I used to be so sensitive I couldn't sit next to someone who had animals in their home, as I would react to the fur on their clothing. Then when the allergies flared up, the symptoms lasted for days, then became a cold or respiratory infection. My doctors were always asking me how I was able to function, as I was tested to be allergic to 45 things on a scratch test. Now I am not as sensitive to allergies. I can be in a room with an animal for a few hours and not have a symptom. If I do have a symptom, it doesn't last long at all, maybe an hour. I don't take regular medication for allergies any longer. My skin also cleared up. While the allergies were clearing up, I had some eczema in the process of working with homeopathy, but itís also better now. I don't feel the need to control every situation anymore. I found I didn't like that role, because I realized I didn't need to be in charge. I no longer need to tell people what to do all the time."

How is your life different now than it was before homeopathic treatment?

"My allergies were a major quality of life issue. My quality of life has improved because I don't have allergy symptoms as badly as I used to. I don't have to worry about going places in case animals may be there, the way I would avoid going places before. Socially, it has really changed things for me. I am more relaxed about not needing to be in control."


"If I was not an actress, I would be a homeopathic doctor."
Lindsay Wagner