Core Synchronism

Profoundly holistic, Core Synchronism** is a gentle modality whose origins lies in Cranial Osteopathy & Polarity Therapy. This bodywork is profoundly relaxing and creates deep stability, release, and balance.

Core Synchronism evokes a deep state of relaxation, integrating your body and sense of self. Similar to the restorative levels of sleep, this allows any state of imbalance, trauma, or pain to be effortlessly released from your system. Though gentle, Core Synchronism is extremely effective for chronic pain, head injury and trauma.

Cerebrospinal fluid circulates into the body and reabsorbs in the blood in a manner similar to the expansion and contraction of ocean tides. The bodyís structures accommodate this expansion and contraction by moving along with the fluid. If they donít, inflammation, pain or other symptoms result. Through a gentle touch of organs, bones and muscles that are not moving correctly the practitioner can guide them back to healthy flow and function.

Core Synchronism works exceptional well pre and post operation especially replacements like hips and knees. One can do sessions to prep the patient for surgery by getting proper movement in the entire limb. Therefore, a session can assist in creating better range of motion prior to surgery. After the surgery, Core Synchronism can integrate the replacement part with the rest of the limb, fascia tissue, muscle and bones. One can also look at the structural integrity of the cause of why a replacement was needed in the first place to help correct this issue.

Core Synchronism enables the practitioner to release disharmonious patterns at their sources within all layers of the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. This highly effective work can also be done remotely.

**The use of being on a Classical Homeopathy remedy and receiving Core Synchronism sessions will allow healing to happen more rapidly. These two bodies of medicine work together amazingly well.


"There are days I was unable to go to yoga class which was the only thing that helped my pain. Core Synchronism was the only thing that eliminated my pain in my body. And it un-winded my spinal cord from it's pattern of chronic contraction. I am pain-free. My biggest chronic pain is not chronic anymore. That does it for me."
E.S. Sebastopol, CA