Polarity Therapy

A polarity session leaves you feeling relieved, centered, and peaceful, with a clarity that can seem like an unwinding of your tangled insides. It increases the ease and flow in all areas of life.

By use of a gentle touch on each point related to the affected area of your body, energy is balanced and blockages are released. Polarity works on the whole person, treating the elemental foundation of each individual.

The principles of polarity draw upon Western manipulative techniques as well as Naturopathy, Chinese energy medicine, and Ayurvedic traditions. Dr. Stone formulated his principles of polarity therapy based on the wireless currents he found flowing in, around, and through the human body.

Rather than treating disease, polarity focuses on re-establishing the natural balance of these currents, which in turn allows healing to take place. While polarity is relaxing, it works at a very deep level to help both mind and body regain optimum health.


"This bodywork is so incredibly soothing and relaxing for the stressed body and jangled nerves. Elizabeth was wonderful! She is very much in tune to your needs and so willing to take the extra time to get you on the right path. Thank you so much for your care and concern."
S. B. Santa Rosa, CA