Gentle Mobilization

Liteforce technique (LFT) is a form of gentle mobilization that uses the body's own inherent, natural movements to loosen the spine, extremeties and cranium. LFT is a form of manual therapy that includes gentle mobilization, deep tissue, Myofascial release, Visceral manipulation, cranial work, kinesiology taping, LED light therapy and customized exercise therapy.

This work was developed by Dr Curtis Turchin who developed

Liteforce Technique.


Curtis has over 40 years of experience helping his patients get out of pain.

"Elizabeth's work was integral in helping me recover from a painful C-section. I experienced more mobility and less aches after the session. I also experienced more serenity and peace following the session. Having a session helped me bounce back quicker!"
J.P. Petaluma, CA