Each product is created with homegrown ingredients and made in small batches. All the products are essential to any first-aid kit. Place tinctures externally directly on wounds without touching glass dropper to the wound as it could contaminant your bottle. Store in a cool dry place for longevity.

Calming Calendula Tincture

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Apply externally to burns, superficial wounds and rashes. Use in nasal wash with a neti-pot for raw nasal passages. Place a squirt of tincture with some sea salt in warm water to gargle and sooth a sore irritated throat. It can also be put in a spray bottle for irritated skin.

BurnsCalming SkinSuperficial wounds

Ingredients: Homegrown Calendula officinalis flowers and vodka.

Helpful Hypericum Tincture   1oz / $13   Add to Cart

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Apply externally for puncture wounds, abrasions and deep wounds for healing from the inside out to avoid complications. Excellent for old stubborn wounds that are not healing well. A helpful addition to use a squirt in water for a rinse after dental extractions to avoid complications. A few squirts in water could be used to soak infections or help seal wounds with stitches especially, or use it in a nasal wash with a neti-pot for irritated sinus issues.

Healing from inside outStubborn woundsFor deep wounds

Ingredients: Homegrown Hypericum perforatum and vodka.

Healing Hyper/Cal Tincture   1oz / $13   Add to Cart

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This magnificent healing duo has a fantastic qualities for speeding up wound recovery. This tincture is also helpful for sinus problems when used in nasal neti-pot irrigation. Note: if the injury is a deep wound, use Helpful Hypericum tincture instead.

Powerful recoveryHealing woundsSoothing

Ingredients: Homegrown Hypericum perforatum and Calendula officinalis flowers and vodka.

Relieving Ledum Tincture   1oz / $13   Add to Cart

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Ledum palustre tincture at 1x is used externally immediately after a sting or bite after removing the stinger to effectively prevent swelling. This will not help once the injury has progressed to being swollen or deeply inflammed.

StingsBitesQuick relief

Ingredients: Ledum palustre at 1x and vodka.

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"I had the nastiest wound that really could have used some antibiotics. The wound was infected, inflamed and getting worse by the day. I used the Helpful Hyper/Cal tincture directly on the wound as much as possible for a day. I literally saw the scab starting to form and it was completely gone in a day or so. It was amazing."
E.J. Santa Rosa, CA