Core Synchronism, Gentle Mobilization & Bodywork Testimonials

"I went to Elizabeth with a 20 year old injury from playing a musical instrument which resulted in tendinitis and many twists in my body, creating tension and locked muscles. I only ever achieved a partially healed tendon despite years of acupuncture, chiropractic work, Hellerwork, Alexander technique, massage, and other healing modalities. After three sessions with Elizabeth so far, my back, ribcage, and shoulders are no longer holding the same tension and feel freer, plus for the first time I am feeling my tendinitis injury getting less painful as my body comes back into alignment - for the first time in 20 years. Elizabeth is very impressive with her extensive knowledge; how she brings together the different healing approaches she has studied over the years into an integrated whole is amazing to me. I highly recommend her approach to anyone who is struggling with body issues that haven’t been truly healed, or unsuccessfully treated. Take it from me, its not too late. She’s amazing value too!"

L.B. Sebastopol, CA

"I've been seeing Elizabeth for over five years for all sorts of things. I first went to her because I had a sinus infection made worse by spring allergies that would not heal -- for months. I saw her once and I was 75% better, and saw her again and I was all the way better. It felt like a miracle at the time. Since then she's helped me with migraines (both in person and distance work), stress, preventing and quickly getting over colds, and generally keeping me well. This is all with her work with Core Synchronism. Finally she's also helped my daughter recover quickly from migraines, get out of pain and adjust after having teeth extracted and her braces tightened, and correcting muscular skeletal issues with her knees and ankles. I've sent tons of people to her, too, and they all love her. You will, too!"

M.O. Sebastopol, CA

"Elizabeth is a gifted healer and can address pain and imbalance in so many ways! I went to her for a locked up neck and upper back and she resolved it in one session. She also has extensive experience - 20 years - in cranial sacral which I have also had the benefit of receiving. Amazing!! I highly recommend Elizabeth as she can support you from many directions and on many levels. Thank you for your great work, Elizabeth!

K.P. Santa Rosa, CA

"The [cranial sacral] session Elizabeth did focusing on my vagus nerve was one of the most relaxing sessions I've ever experienced - I didn't sleep, but rather just drifted in a timeless state with no worries at all for an entire hour. Afterwards I felt like I was back in my body, but in a much more relaxed way."

G.B. Healdsburg, CA

"Elizabeth is a wonderful, remarkably-effective and loving heart centered healer... She was highly recommended by my beautiful life partner Klara... I had a martial arts injury in my left hip from over 10 years ago that flares up sporadically and has held me back from progressing and advancing in my training... It had become my excuse to not train, to hold back and to hide from my power... After my first visit with Elizabeth in her cozy and nurturing office, she was able to identify the issue and release my mind from wondering if I would have to live the rest of my life like this getting worse as I aged... Healing starts in the mind, as long as I believed that there was something wrong with me and there was no solution, I was creating my own fate... Elizabeth did just that, she explained and showed me how to reverse the situation and let the healing begin in a simple and effective way... Major Breakthrough began when my mind believed I can be better than I ever was... To reach a personal Best... I love Elizabeth because she is technical and yet highly intuitive... So much care and detail in her work... She is in a constant state of learning and training to further her skills to contribute more to humanity... Thank you... Thank you... Thank you..."

D.F. Pleasant Hill, CA

"Elizabeth has helped every member of my family whenever we most needed it. My daughter would get episodes of a very painful cramping in her throat, where she would weep with fear in her eyes and from excruciating pain that wouldn't let her swallow. She would get these episodes randomly. Just one session with Elizabeth wiped them out. She also got help with adjusting to braces and after wisdom teeth surgery. My son had knee pain from growing too fast which was helped immediately. My partner had aches and stiffness from old martial arts injuries. Elizabeth's series of sessions transformed the stiffness, radically improved his mobility and posture. I myself needed her help several times. One time when my jaw locked during a dental visit. Elizabeth was able to unlock it via distance. Another time my back went out and every step was excruciating. I also suffered with sciatica. Elizabeth always helped me and all have lasting benefits from her work. One session also completely took care of my nephew's whiplash from rollercoaster. I don't know if there is anything she can't adjust or align. She was even able to shift my uterus after my C-section and my cramps went away. Additionally to the bodywork she is also a fabulous classical homeopath. She continues her studies and is always improving her healing craft integrating new wisdom every time I visit her practice. She is a gem in alternative medicine. Very thankful to all she does."

K.F. Lafayette, CA

"Elizabeth is a gifted healer. I've been seeing her for three years, first for TMJ and headaches and later for a muscle tear in my knee after a car accident. She is very intuitive and able to identify the source of pain/body ailments and allow the body to heal itself. I Highly recommend having a session with her!"

M.R. Petaluma, CA

"I see Elizabeth regularly when I'm feeling a bit out of whack. She has helped me in big and small ways, from physical pain reduction to helping me understand how I can heal old injuries. Her presence is relaxed and welcoming, as is her space. I highly recommend you see her for chronic or temporary pain. Elizabeth really knows her stuff!"

J.B. Sebastopol, CA

"I dealt with a fairly severe neck injury I sustained while climbing for about two years before I was recommended to Elizabeth by friends. After just two sessions in her skillful care, I noticed major improvement. In the past, all it took was sleeping with my head at a strange angle or turning a certain way to set me hurting for days. Since our work together however, I have not had a single flair up or aggravation and it’s been almost a year!"

A.I. Ojai, CA

"I have been seeing Elizabeth for a few years, since my last cancer diagnosis and tongue surgery. I am able to completely relax and feel my whole being calm while lying on her table. She has helped tremendously with jaw and facial pain, stiffness and with movement of my tongue. Elizabeth has made a huge impact on my ability with eating and less pain and tightness around my jaw and face. I have gone to many practitioners, as I have a long and complex history. I am amazed at how much better and in balance i feel after our sessions. I feel more ease and flexibility in my jaw and face. Her work is deeply restorative and nurturing. Elizabeth is truly a skilled , intuitive and gifted healer. She is gifted and I always feel noticeably better after our sessions."

D.G. Sebastopol, CA

"The outer side of my foot kept hurting with any kind of pressure or weight I put on it. I am mostly on my feet and limped constantly to compensate for the pain. When Elizabeth assessed a tear and strategically taped my foot and then taught me how to do it, it relieved the pain immediately. I was able to walk normally again. It is drastically different than wearing a bandage or a brace which squishes your foot which can exacerbate the pain rather than relieve it, so the foot can heal. Taping gives the necessary support for pain relief and healing."

C.K. Petaluma, CA

"Last week our daughter badly hurt her tailbone while learning to snowboard. She was in so much pain she couldn’t move or walk. We nearly came home, but instead called Elizabeth who was able to help us figure out the extent of the damage, and how to help it heal. She walked us through how to tape the area, use our LED light on it, and worked remotely on the area with her special techniques. Long story short, two days later she was back on the slope shredding down the mountain as if nothing had happened. Amazing!"

J.B. Sebastopol, CA

"My 5 year old son has unfortunately had to have two tooth extractions recently. I have made a point to book a cranial sacral appointment with Elizabeth for a few hours after his extractions and the results to me are astounding. Every dentist said he will need to be on Motrin for a few days after the extractions but he never needed it once. He has slept wonderfully from the first night, which I was warned wouldn’t be the case, and hasn’t had any complaints of soreness, or pain at the extraction site or in his jaw. I feel so much better about our situation knowing we have this tool to help him heal!"

S.B. Sebastopol, CA

"Whenever Elizabeth includes her lymph drainage treatment in our sessions, I invariably come away feeling clearer, calmer, and more composed. My sleep improves, my nervous system feels more settled, and my body just feels more functional again. It's the bomb for dealing with any kind of toxic exposure or overload."

B.F. Sebastopol, CA

"I have been working with Elizabeth for over 10 years. She is a master bodyworker who is committed to improving her skills all the time. I love her new approach to fascia, tears and old injuries. I feel stronger and more embodied when she uses the Kinesio tape on me. My foot pain has totally resolved in this last series of treatments I did with her. It is a blessing to have someone be so present with the subtleties of my beat up body. I've had four car accidents and two surgeries over the years. From the energy flows to the joint mobilization, Elizabeth combines decades of experience for deep and true healing."

D.G. Santa Rosa, CA

"I have always received a lot of healing from Elizabeth's core treatments,  but my recent sessions with the gentle movement have gone to a new level.... My body was feeling twisted and bent from too much driving and after my session, I feel straighter, relaxed and more in my body than I have in months..... The session itself is also very pleasant, and I can feel the aliveness returning to all parts of my body even as we work..."

G.A. Santa Rosa, CA

"In the aftermath of my bodywork session I experienced two days of rest and assimilation followed by increased awareness of my core and rotational movements around center. Your listening hands gently extended my range of movement around my core and in my hands and feet. Today I felt a greater integration of my swimming movements and more of my strength and power. You do great work; thank you.”

J.G. Sebastopol, CA

"Elizabeth's work is subtle, deep and powerful. She works on my specific needs as opposed to a cookie cutter approach. She has helped me through a serious issue with my lower back pain."

G.G. Sebastopol, CA

"Every time I have anything from tightness to acute pain anywhere on my body, I come in to Elizabeth and have this work done and I feel relief. Because of my active lifestyle, being a welder, body building, and other physical activities, I often have areas that become so very uncomfortable that I can’t even sleep comfortably some nights. After coming, those problems seem to have disappeared and not only do I feel better, I move much better as well."

C.M. Santa Rosa, CA

"There are days I was unable to go to yoga class which was the only thing that helped my pain. Core Synchronism was the only thing that eliminated my pain in my body. And it un-winded my spinal cord from it's pattern of chronic contraction. I am pain-free. My biggest chronic pain is not chronic anymore. That does it for me."

E.S. Sebastopol, CA

"I have been fortunate to work with Elizabeth on more then one occasion when I have had head injuries. Most recently I was in a car accident in which I had a concussion. I was relieved to have a "go to" resource like Elizabeth to put my brain and body back together. She was instrumental in my recovery process. Elizabeth is very skilled and able to work at a much more refined level then most therapists. She releases the deeper patterns of tension and impact without inducing trigger point pain to get there. As a fellow body worker who has had a lot of bodywork and experienced many modalities, I'm picky about who and how someone works with my body. I highly recommend Elizabeth because of the depth of study, sensitivity and wealth of experience she brings to the table."

K.D. Forestville, CA

"My experience working with Elizabeth has been invaluable. She is attentive, sympathetic, and highly skilled at correcting my multiple brain injuries. It has been a process for me to find someone who thoroughly understood brain injuries and how to heal them prior to meeting Elizabeth. I am grateful to her because she listens to my needs and figures what is causing the symptoms I express and corrects it. I am happy with my improvements."

N.S. Los Angeles, CA

"The sessions I have had with Elizabeth were amazing! She moved my rib, which was completely pull out, back into place in one session and opened and aligned my extremely tight and misaligned jaw in another session. I hadn't felt that much freedom in my jaw since I was a kid and the popping I had experienced when opening my mouth went away completely. She also did some very helpful realigning of my energetic body as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling physical or energetic misalignment in their body and looking to return to wellness."

M.J. Sebastopol, CA

"Elizabeth has on multiple occasion helped me with injuries such as a frozen shoulder, supportive rapid healing after a broken foot and lower back injuries. She has supported me to remain active and healthy. Her acumen of knowledge of how the body holistically functions along with the tools she always sends me home with have been an invaluable part of my recovery. She is warm, informative and healing. I recommend her highly."

D.S. Sebastopol, CA

"I found Elizabeth's hands-on work to be highly refined and subtle in all the best ways. She helped me unwind trauma due to a painful knee injury and the resulting surgery. I found her knowledgeable, compassionate, sensitive and very respectful. Her gentle approach helped my body release deep patterns of stress and compensation so that I could regain my alignment and balance. Her healing space is conveniently located and the space itself is beautiful and deeply soothing. Elizabeth is a dedicated healer and her commitment to her clients and their healing success is a true gift. The healing begins once you enter her room!"

Q.F. Sebastopol, CA

"It is amazing how something so subtle can be so deep."

R. P. San Francisco, CA

"I was referred to Elizabeth by a mutual friend after I had a stroke in early 2014. The stroke occurred in my right cortex and it was considered a mild to moderate level stroke; which western medicine's approach was drug therapy. I knew I needed an alternative approach and what I learned about Core Synchronism was so approapriate for me in my healing process. Elizabeth has experience working with stroke patients and she was very supportive of my healing journey. She was focused and intent on treating my particular physical and energetic areas that were out of alignment and I started feeling stronger and more clear with each visit. Elizabeth's healing energy is more subtle and yet powerful at the same time. I so appreciate her healing expertise and I give her credit as an essential part of the success I achieved over a six month period in my own recovery. Many blessings for her presence in my life!"

D.L. Sebastopol, CA

"My first hands-on session of Core Synchronism with Elizabeth had an immediate healing effect. It was both re-energizing in a very deep way, and incredibly helpful in clearing the inconveniences of an allergy to antibiotics that had kept me ill for a couple of months. I was then very surprised, as I flew back home, to realize that she could also work from a distance, and that core synchronism was also efficient that way."

M.C. Paris, France

"I have experienced Elizabeth's Core Synchronism treatments quite a number of times, and never cease to be amazed by the power of this deceptively gentle modality. I find that all kinds of problems just melt under Elizabeth's extraordinarily gifted touch. She has made such a difference for me in how I experience life in my body. I have been recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years and Elizabeth has brought so much movement in vital areas such as my Lymph, Fascia and Nervous System by improving flow, clearing blocks, and healing dysfunctions I could not have even named individually. All this while relaxing me in such a welcome way. She is truly a blessing."

G.S. Sebastopol, CA

"I went into the core treatment fatigued and anxious. During the treatment I began to feel deeply relaxed, and by the end of the treatment--and continuing into the following days--I felt centered, confident, and restored. Elizabeth Lakin is a skilled and gifted core practitioner".

D.T. Marion, IL

"During my Core treatment, I had the deepest and most relaxing naps I have ever had in my life. After each Core session I felt light on my feet, my body felt rejuvenated, I felt younger, healthier and overall, I felt like I could do anything! I felt as if I had a full body massage but even better than that! One core session took pain away immediately, I couldn't believe it. Minutes before a Core session, I was having moderate pain and after, it was completely gone!"

A.W. San Francisco, CA

"I am a massage therapist. I brought my injured hand to Elizabeth, which was still hurting after ten days of rest. Instantly it felt better, and the healing pace speeded up dramatically. The pain was entirely gone two days later. Core synchronism is powerful work"

D.S. Graton, CA

"I have never felt so calm and at ease as when I am getting a Core Synchronism session. The heaviness that I have carried for so long seems to be lifted away and I feel "lighter" and more myself. I am able to function more fluidly in my every day life."

A. B. Deerfield, IL

"Elizabeth helped me immensely several times. One time it was on a plane while we flew together to a conference: my ears were clogged and I thought the pressure would soon explode my eardrum. With a light touch on my leg she drained my ears in about 30 seconds. Another time my jaw went out from stress, and I couldn’t open my mouth and eat. She put my jaw back in place in few minutes, and it felt as if I have never had a problem with it. The method she uses is so gentle that I would often joke that she isn’t doing anything while she lightly touches my head. Yet the complete relieve from pain that follows after she is done, is a proof of her expertise in this healing art. When Elizabeth gave me a treatment for a conflict that has been affecting the women of my family for generations, I finally had to realize, that the core synchronism is a treatment that goes far beyond physical adjustments. I have had the same positive results receiving the distance treatments as I had during the sessions in person. I recommend Elizabeth to my friends as well as my clients."

M.F. Pleasant Hill, CA

"This bodywork is so incredibly soothing and relaxing for the stressed body and jangled nerves. Elizabeth was wonderful! She is very much in tune to your needs and so willing to take the extra time to get you on the right path. Thank you so much for your care and concern."

S. B. Santa Rosa, CA

"Elizabeth has helped me through tough times with her wisdom and depth in her hands and heart. Her intuitive touch and her gift of listening has carried me through trauma, as a river carries a leaf..."

M.J. Sebastopol, CA

"I am extremely glad I had the distinct and special privilege to experience what Elizabeth "brings to the table". I know that her work represents the cream of the crop. Thank you for the excellent body work."

M.T. San Rafael, CA

"A major personal transition made sacred at the hands of Elizabeth. I am so full of peace."

A.M. Santa Rosa, CA