Product Testimonials


"I had the nastiest wound that really could have used some antibiotics. The wound was infected, inflamed and getting worse by the day. I used the Helpful Hyper/Cal tincture directly on the wound as much as possible for a day. I literally saw the scab starting to form and it was completely gone in a day or so. It was amazing."

E.J. Santa Rosa, CA

"Two weeks after a fall on a trail run, the large deep abrasion on my knee had still not healed properly.† It looked infected -- red, tender and warm.† When Elizabeth saw it, she gave me the Helpful Hyper/Cal Tincture with specific instructions for its use.† Within 24 hours the healing was well underway and within a week all signs of the infection and discomfort were completely†gone.† Could you ask for more?"

O.A.Berkely, CA

"Elizabethís products are wonderful. I have been using and recommending her tinctures to my clients for gargling or mouth wash, in case of a sore throat, or some painful ulcer, as well as for topically promoting healing of different types of wounds."

K.F. Lafayette, CA

Heal-All Salve

"I have used this Heal-all salve on everything from sunburns, cuts, bruises, dry skin and rashes and have always been surprised to find how quickly it helps. I recommend it to everyone and always keep some with me for emergency use."

A.L. Chicago, IL

"I burned my hand on a muffler and put the Heal-all salve right on it. I didnít even get a welt or could tell that I burned myself. I always keep it in the toolbox."

D.L. Naperville, IL

"Since I work in a hospital as an R.N., it is certain that I will wash my hands up to 50 times a day with some very caustic anti-bacterial soap.† My poor cuticles bleed, the skin on my hands cracks and it is all a painful mess.† By using Nurturing Vitalityís "Heal-all Salve" at bedtime, I have gotten incredible relief and the skin on my hands and cuticles are no longer irritated and bleeding."

D.T. Oakland, CA

"Heal-all salve is the most amazing salve in the world. It has incredible healing powers because it is magical and it works. I dropped a large heavy bottle on my toe and it split open. I thought I would need stitches, but I just used the salve on it everyday. In three days, my toe was completely healed. The Heal-all salve is the first thing I reach for when my four-year old has any cut, burn or scrap of any kind. My daughter just loves the salve. This salve should be in every momís first-aid kit."

M.D. Sebastopol, CA

"The Heal-all Salve is used in my household literally for everything. My kids call it "Elizabethís Magical Cream". I make sure we always have it around, even when we travel. The products last for a long time as they are of a high quality. They always make a wonderful present because from knowing Elizabeth as a friend I know she puts a lot of love into her products for no extra charge."

K.F. Lafayette, CA